Mr. Dolce & Mr. Gabbana

Dear Joe Moller:

On behalf of Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana we would like to thank Mr. Joe Moller for his stellar job producing the D and G store opening on Robertson Blvd. Mr. Moller has an innate understanding of the luxury market and what is needed to execute an event to those standards. His ability to create an environment that is brand representative as well as ensuring that the guests have an enjoyable experience is remarkable.


Brooke Pace
West Coast Public Relations
Dolce & Gabbana


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to recommend Joe Moller as an expert green event planner. We are currently building the highest-scoring LEED home in the nation and Joe has consulted us on the numerous events we are planning for next year. We were referred to him for his vast and successful experience in large event planning, and for his knowledge of and true enthusiasm for producing green events. It was clear from early on that Joe truly grasps the understanding of what makes products green, and he has clearly done his homework to understand the full picture of sustainability.

Our experience with Joe Moller has been nothing but positive. He is extremely well organized and has a professional demeanor. I am impressed with his ability to keep track ofthe bigger picture and the small details at the same time. What is especially important to me to is his promptness in replying to our inquiries, big or small. I find his way of doing business to be very efficient and he makes it easy for our team to keep track ofthe many moving parts that go into planning these events which.

Besides being a joy to work with, Joe is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits of them. He surprised me with out-of-the-box ideas on a number of occasions. I highly recommend Joe for producing your green event. He is extremely responsible and organized, and he has the experience and resources necessary to make an event memorable.


Samantha Kaplan
Director of Communications
Go Green Construction


To whom it may concern:

I recently had the pleasure to work with Joe Moller Events on a Starz Entertainment event in Beverly Hills. I have been managing corporate events for more than 15 years, and simply stated, Mr. Moller is the most capable, creative, professional and energetic event producer whose service I have ever utilized.

I bid the event out to several event production companies, and from the first conversation with Mr. Moller, I was confident I had found the appropriate event partner. Mr. Moller listened to my company’s goals for the event, my creative vision, and the proposal submitted was spot-on. Not only did his proposal come in several thousand dollars less than any others, the proposal was more thorough, creative and consistent with our goals. Joe Moller Events quickly became the clear frontrunner and won the business.

From budgeting and planning to on-site event management, the entire process with Mr. Moller was flawless. I was impressed with his reputation with the venue and various vendors, and every Joe Moller Events employee performed up and beyond the call of duty to ensure our event was executed perfectly.

The enthusiasm and integrity of Joe Moller is simply second-to-none, and I recommend his impeccable service and ability to plan and execute any and all events without hesitation. Please feel free to call or e-mail me for additional information regarding my experience with Joe Moller Events.


Allyson M. Taylor
Director, Trade and Sales Communications


Wow! - what a hit the Heineken Green Room was at Outfest 2008. It was by far and away the best "make over" that atrium has had in my tenure here at Outfest which stretches eight festivals. It became a real hub for the festival and the room had a lot of buzz around it during the festival.

Joe Moller did an incredible job of transforming the space and really branding the room as the Heineken space. One of the things that matters to our stakeholders is that they believe Outfest throws good parties. The atmosphere that Joe and his team were able to create really lent itself to people feeling good and happy to be in the space. The seating areas worked perfectly and created wonderful places for people to meet, discuss the movies they had just seen, and still people watch. The seating areas felt intimate and yet part of the collective experience. The bar on the back patio moved the chaos of the bar lines outside, while at the same time once outside the lines did not feel congested because of the open space. The lighting worked to create a party atmosphere without detracting from the main intention of the event which was to create a space for people to talk and meet one another.

We also always struggle with the lines for the theaters that are out on the back patio. The usage of the patio for the bar itself continued the Heineken branding beyond the space itself. The bar on the back patio made everyone, whether they were at the reception or not, feel like they were part of the Heineken Green Room. It was another point of contact for those hundreds people lining up for any of the screenings on the patio and that translated into ten of thousands of people over the course of the festival being exposed to how "cool" Heineken can be.

The Director of Operations at the Director's Guild of America also commented that the layout and decor of the atrium was the best he had seen for Outfest and was one of the best makeover he has seen of the space in general. Our Major Donors could not get enough of the room. We received a lot of feedback about what a wonderful space it was to hang out and meet up with people the room was. They also enjoyed the Major Donor Happy Hour we had during the second week and we look forward to looking for ways to capitalize on that even more next year. Finally the filmmakers, some of whom attend a number of festivals, loved using the space as a place to try and de-stress before and after their screenings. They also loved meeting other filmmakers there. Other festivals around the city and the country have a space for filmmakers. In LA the Los Angeles Film Festival has a room that Target does called the Red Room. It is know around town. It was a wonderful coupe this year to have a room that filmmakers felt rivaled the Red Room. Thank you for that. They also loved that is was Heineken!

I cannot say enough great things about Joe. He was attentive, easy to work with, wonderfully creative, able to roll with changes asked of him, immediately responsive if something wasn't working.

You all as always were a dream to work with and create a successful festival. We look forward to even bigger success and a stronger partnership next year!


Kerri Stoughton-Jackson
Director of Operations